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Pineapple Shape

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Pineapple Shape

    This unique collapsible basket is made out of solid rose wood and is all hand carved. It can be used as a trivet or a hot plate while in a flat position and is easy to store, to carry, or even to ship. Once in a self standing position, it can be used as a decorative piece of art, a fruit basket, or for potpourri, candies, chocolate, nuts, and more.

This beautiful basket will make a perfect gift.

Instruction: Lay basket in a flat position facing up. lift the basket from both sides allowing the center collapsible area to fall in. Turn the basket to a vertical position and slightly push in the upper collapsible area. Twist the stand at the bottom of the basket to a 90 degree angle. The basket is now ready to stand by itself.
!!! do not turn the basket upside down.
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